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Carol Bonetti

Carol Bonetti is the owner of Sew-Ciety, Inc in Castle Rock, Colorado.  She is a certified Judy Niemeyer Educator and is thrilled to be joining us again for this wonderful cruise to the Caribbean.  Carol has a ton of energy and is a fun and enthusiastic educator.

1025 South Perry St. Unit 101-B
Castle Rock, Colorado 80104

Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-5pm • Sunday: Closed

Call: 720-733-8102





Jean Biddick

Jean started her first quilt, still unfinished, at the age of 13. A dozen years later she became more serious about her quiltmaking and was introduced to machine piecing. Her piecing skills improved as she moved from traditional patterns to the more complicated tile floor patterns she is working with today. She began teaching machine piecing classes in 1984 and thoroughly enjoys giving students the technical skills they need to turn their vision into quilts.  Combining my love of piecing and my love of teaching was a natural progression. I enjoy helping students build a solid foundation in machine piecing. I see myself as a teacher and a quiltmaker, not an artist. That may be a title I eventually embrace, but for now I am quite happy being a quiltmaker and sharing my enthusiasm and skills with as many quilters as possible.











Peggy Gelbrich

Peggy Gelbrich has been quilting and teaching quilt making for over 35 years. It’s her passion to share the art of quilt making with others, always encourage her students.  She has taught quilt making across the United States and in Canada, teaching at large guild classes, quilting retreats and small private groups in her home. She has been nominated as Teacher of the Year for the Quilt Professional Magazine.

Her focus is on traditional quilts; sometimes making them with a little twist to make an old pattern new again. She enjoys trying different techniques in the quilt making process, always looking for an easier way to conquer those seemingly difficult patterns. Her quilts have been pictured in Quilter’s Newsletter, Quiltmaker and McCall’s Quilting.

Born and raised in Oregon, Peggy, with her husband Ron and three children, lived in Ketchikan, Alaska for 22 years, moving to Washington State for a few years and now have returned to Oregon. She and her husband live on family land, part of her grand-great-grandparents original land claim, near Yamhill.











Carol Stanek

Carol has been sewing since she was a child and made her first “Judy Niemeyer” paper pieced quilt, Arizona Cactus, in 2013. After falling in love with the organized preparation and sewing process of Quiltworx patterns, Carol was hooked on Judy’s way to paper piece! Carol attended more workshops taught by Judy and other certified instructors while beginning her journey in becoming a Quiltworx Certified Instructor. In August 2015 Carol became a Certified Instructor.

Carol teaches Quiltworx pattern classes and the Technique of the months at quilt shops and guilds in the Southeast USA.  She loves teaching and seeing her students grow more confident in creating these beautiful quilts. I will always tell my new students that if they can sew on a line on paper, they can make a Judy quilt!

Carol lives in the Atlanta metro-area and is always ready and willing to go wherever the quilters want to hold a class! You will find more information on Carol’s classes and events on her website, www.stitchwithcolor.com




Victoria Johnson

I have been sewing for what seems like a lifetime, but my quilting really took off when I saw a picture of a Judy Niemeyer wedding ring. I was hooked and had to have the pattern. That was 2012, fast forward to 2017 and I now have 30 completed Judy Niemeyer projects and became a Judy Niemeyer Certified Instructor in 2015 after an intense 2-year program. I fell in love with Judy’s paper piecing technique and I haven’t looked back.

Now after countless classes, trunk shows and a retreat of 100+ students I am proud to say that I have found my passion.

What once looked like an impossible task, the wedding ring, now has become a way of life for me. I truly believe that anyone can put together any Judy pattern with a little bit of help, a few tips and tricks and encouragement along the way.

I look forward to meeting you in class, working on a pattern you once thought was impossible but now is a reality, and you too will be soon hooked.

It is easier than you think!

Victoria Johnson

Judy Niemeyer Certified Instructor






Helen Frost

Helen Frost cannot even begin to estimate how many quilts she has made or how many quiltmaking students she has taught. She began quilting in 1972 and figures she has made hundreds of quilts. Beginning with Adult Education classes, then classes at shops, guilds, and conferences, she calculates that her students number in the thousands.

Helen is the co-author of eleven books on quilting, three of them featuring the Lone Star design. She is proudest of her contribution to Grand Endeavors: Vintage Arizona Quilts and Their Makers, the award-winning state quilt project publication. She is the innovator of easier and more efficient techniques for traditional quilt patterns such as Nine Patch, Sunshine & Shadow, and of course, the Lone Star.

Helen and her husband live in Tucson, Arizona, and are the parents of four grown children.













Kelly Ann Richardson

Kelly Ann spent 15 years in banking before moving to New Hampshire to live with her new husband, Andrew, in 1995. Putting banking behind her, Kelly Ann worked in a local cross stitch store where she was soon offered the opportunity to learn quilting. Her response was, “want to teach me how to use a sewing machine?”

Kelly Ann fell in love with fabric and soon found herself moving to Virginia with Andrew. After working in a few small businesses, she decided it was time to branch out on her own and open a quilt store.

In 2005 Kelly Ann’s Quilting opened and a new world opened up for Kelly Ann and Andrew. Through the years Kelly Ann’s love of hand work became prominent in the store, with hand embroidery, applique, English paper piecing, and since 2015, wool appliqué.

In 2017 Kelly Ann decided to give her wool corner of the shop its own name, Neked Sheep Wool. Taking this image to a new level Kelly Ann has started designing projects using hand-dyed wool and various stitches and threads.

Kelly Ann and Andrew share their country home in Virginia with two dogs.



Heather Kojan

I’ve been sewing since my teens and quilting for more than 25 years. My first quilt was an Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day. Since I had a king sized bed, it made sense to me to make a king sized quilt. Go big or go home, right? That quilt was in shades of mauve and dusty blue (hello mid ’80’s!) Let’s just say my fabric tastes have changed since then!

I consider myself a modern quilter, with traditional roots. I’m the founder of the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild and love speaking to different groups and sharing the modern aesthetic. I’m foremost a teacher. I teach modern quilting classes in local shops, guilds and shows across the country.

I’m a contributing author to the book Classic Modern Quilts and a featured quilter in The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood, and 50 Little Gifts published by Lucky Spool. You can frequently find my work in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Magazine and Modern Patchwork Magazine.

Let’s connect! You can find me on my blog: www.heatherkojan.com or on Instagram @heatherkojan.




Sherida Giddings

Sherida has been an avid quilter for over 25 years.  She started teaching locally, as well taking classes from local and international instructors, including Quiltworx Certified Instructors. These courses sparked her desire to become a Quiltworx Certified Instructor and she fulfilled this dream in 2015.  Since then, Sherida has been travelling and teaching, including the thrilling opportunity to teach on a Quilt Retreat at Sea Cruise to Hawaii in 2018.  She is excited to once again share her love of paper piecing as we cruise to the Southern Caribbean in February 2020.









Johanne Moore

Johanne is an accomplished quilter and long armer, who has been involved in all aspects of sewing since she was a teen.  She has worked at local quilt shops and taught a multitude of different quilting classes, including Quiltworx paper piecing, and is involved with teaching new quilters in 4H.  She has taken classes from local and international quilt teachers, including Judy Niemeyer and various Quiltworx Certified Instructors.  Her piecing and long arm work has been featured in several quilting magazines and a book.

She got her sea legs in 2018 while assisting Sherida on a Quilt Retreat at Sea Cruise to Hawaii and is looking forward to sharing her passion on her next cruise to the Caribbean Islands in 2020.












Joan Ford

On February 8, 2003, Joan Ford took her first quilting class and was hooked! In 2006, Joan established her company, Hummingbird Highway, and these days she is best known for patterns, books, and workshops featuring the popular ScrapTherapy® technique. She feels strongly about helping quilters relieve the guilt of a growing scrap fabric stash by cutting, storing, and using scrap fabrics in a variety of quilted projects.
An overview of her process is detailed in all three of her ScrapTherapy books published by The Taunton Press: ScrapTherapy, Cut the Scraps!, Scraps Plus One! and ScrapTherapy, The Versatile Nine Patch.
In 2018, Joan formed a second company, Pudgie Parrot, LLC, to have a home for Your Nest™ Organizer, a neat, nest-like gadget that holds your favorite rulers and sewing notions.
As owner of Hummingbird Highway, LLC and Pudgie Parrot, LLC, Joan designs in her home studio and office. Joan and her husband, Dave share their home with three pet birds.


Reed Johnson

Reed discovered that he has a creative side. He was an attorney for 35 years, which was a very stressful occupation. In 2000, he visited the quilt exhibit at the Florida State Fair and said to himself “I bet I can do that.” He started quilting as a means of stress relief and to express his creativity. He is primarily self-taught, but has taken several courses from professional quilters. He was hooked. He loves picking out the fabrics, cutting out all the shapes and watching the quilt top come together as he sews away. 
With Electric Quilt software, he discovered the art of designing quilts and found a new love. After a soul-searching trip to Israel, he took a leap of faith and retired early. He pursued quilt designing full time, and Blue Bear Quilts was born. Blue Bear is a blue, furry bear, Reed made in a quilt shop class, and he won a blue ribbon at the Florida State Fair. 
Reed wants to encourage novice quilters, and inspire the younger generation, to seek quilting as a hobby, so his designs are primarily for the beginner to intermediate quilter. They are colorful and easy to piece together, offering a modern twist on classic patterns. Many of his quilt patterns are designed to be used with an Accuquilt cutter because “better cuts make better quilts.”
He is a certified Quilt-in-a-Day instructor, and his favorite part of teaching is helping quilters gain confidence in their abilities and seeing the joy when someone learns a new skill or technique. Many of his students say they enjoy his calm demeanor and patience. He has nationally taught many quilting and Electric Quilt classes.
Reed won the Accuquilt Block Design Contest as the Fan Favorite in 2016, the Grand Champion in 2017, with his block called “Purple Rose“, and as the runner-up in 2018.   He has designed Row by Row patterns; quilt patterns for new Accuquilt dies; quilt patterns for new fabric lines with QT Fabrics and has designed patterns featured in Love of Quilting and McCalls Quilting magazines.


Stephanie Kendron

With a passion for the sewing, Stephanie Kendron, a wife and mom of two daughters, loves to share her enthusiasm for sewing with other creatives on her popular podcast, Modern Sewciety. She brings the stories of the industry’s creative makers in a unique and approachable way on the podcast. When she isn’t wearing headphones and a microphone chatting in her sewing room with creatives she is cutting up fabric to stitch back together on her sewing machine. Sometimes she let’s the Cricut Maker cut up her fabrics for a project so she can snack on chocolate.

Visit her links:

  • Facebook/TheModernSewciety
  • Instagram/ModernSewciety
  • Twitter:  @ModernSewciety
  • Pinterest/ModernSewciety


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